Monday, January 2, 2012

A Very Merry Christmas

I love this season but I am always so sad by how quickly it is over! While I can't stand the crowds and shopping I love the decorations, weather and the music. This year we decided to make it a small Christmas and really enjoy the reason for the season and since Christmas fell on a Sunday we were able to do just that. After the frenzy of unwrapping presents and eating breakfast we went to church and enjoyed a wonderful Christmas program. Although, this Christmas was a bit smaller than past Christmas's the kids still got plenty of presents and everything they wanted! Next year I am going to cut back even more and take the advice of one blogger who gives her children 4 things: 1 gift they want, 1 gift they need, 1 gift to eat and 1 gift to read!

Anna was thrilled to wake up and find bunk beds and a friend for Kit, welcome to the family Ruthie.

One of Anna's favorite presents...the Bieber microphone and sing along!

Aiden gave his sister a new Ken doll to replace the one that he ripped the head off. This Ken is particularly creepy as he has a 5 o'clock shadow that you can shave off.....

One of the most fun gifts for all is this pogo stick from Grandpa Dan....even mom can do it!

Trent testing out Aiden's new scooter (that Santa forgot to charge for 18 hours before the 1st use...ooops)
Aiden testing out Anna's new scooter...the perfect combo for Anna a way to cruise and make art at the same time!

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