Friday, January 20, 2012

Take 1,540

Forget Freshman 15, I am the victim of the Grad school 40! As long and effort-full as losing 40 pounds is, it's amazing how easily you can put it on! It's a surreal feeling to think back to one year ago when I was on a pretty good health kick and a steady decline to present day as I am starting all over from the beginning. So here we go again...

In reviewing the most successful weight loss moments in my life I realize they are always due to a highly motivating event or significant time period, ex. high school, wedding, illness...I am a very goal oriented person and while New Years resolutions don't typically hold my attention, attaining a specific goal does! With graduation just four months away (that's right!) I refuse to take another picture wearing a cap and gown looking like I swallowed myself! When I graduated with my bachelors in 2005 I was at my ultimate heaviest (I like to blame having a baby, but Anna was 8 months old then)! Although, I love this picture because I'm with my brothers, I have a very hard time looking at that version of me.  So in order to avoid a repeat of this photo, I have started diet # 1, 540! The next time I put on that cap and gown I will take a photo that will have dual purpose...celebrating my graduation and losing weight!

Last year I was convinced eating clean was the only way to make significant changes and reach ultimate health but I was a different person then as I had the support and example of my friend, Lisa, and all the time in the world to completely change my lifestyle. With how chaotic my life is right now, I need more flexibility which is why I have started Weight Watchers....again. It works when done correctly, and for where I am in my life right now, I think it's the way to go. I am currently in week 2 and I have lost 6lbs. . .so far so good!

The keys to my success thus far....finding healthy versions of food I love (i.e. healthy pad thai), taking healthy, pre-counted, snacks to work and school, eating an apple after a meal instead of dessert (I always need something sweet after I eat), planning ahead of time (i.e. eating extra healthy, low point foods all day so that I can enjoy a slice of b-day cake with Trent) and trying to get in my exercise. The Dr. Oz "Just lose 10 challenge" has lots of good ideas, and healthy recipes. Pinterest is also full of awesome healthy recipes and ideas. 

Overall I am feeling very good and highly motivated. While there have been moments where I want to say "oh forget it, I am who I am" I only have to look at that lovely picture of myself at my graduation in 2005 to remember that is not who I am and NO MORE EXCUSES (thanks Biggest Loser for that advice).

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